What won’t people do for free stuff ?

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We all agree that free is usually a good thing, and many companies use this fact to draw in new customers and increase brand awareness. So it raises the question, how far are some folks willing to go in order to get free stuff ?

The answer is, pretty far. I recently read an article about a mobile ad campaign for the Chilean clothing company Americanino, who “hypnotized” people passing by their billboards and told them to undress. OK, they didn’t really hypnotize people into undressing unwillingly…or did they ? The campaign placed a billboard with a QR code, and when a passerby scanned this code with their mobile device they were prompted to call a number. Those who called heard someone on the other end tell them that their clothes were not cool, but that if they were willing to strip right then and there they would receive a new “cooler” outfit.

The people crazy enough to follow along and strip in public were eventually rewarded with new “free” clothes from a company rep who was hiding in a van around the corner. Trading self respect for profit…hmm…sounds like a really old idea when you think about it.
So as you can see, when you combine the power of mobile advertising with creative ideas, people will drop their pants for your product…good to know !

Here’s a video of the campaign: