The Mobile Ad Network for Big Thumbs

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Mobicow is different from other mobile ad networks in a major way – we serve full-screen mobile ads.

Before Mobicow,  the only option was a standard banner ad. On a mobile device, banner ads are often so small, you’re lucky if consumers can even read them, much less click on them.

Currently, 28% of all internet traffic is via a mobile device. That number is growing faster every year. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the number of users on a traditional desktop or laptop computer is going down. This trend has been affecting advertisers as well as publishers.

Advertisers tend to dislike small ads because they often display poorly on small screens and conversion rates are lower.
Publishers are losing money because the click-through rates are much lower on mobile devices, when using traditional banner ad methods to monetize their growing mobile traffic.
Inadvertent click fraud

When the Internet got smaller on mobile devices, thumbs stayed the same size. On web properties not iStock_000019807072XSmalloptimized for small screens, it’s easy to accidentally click on a tiny banner ad. In the CPC world, this leads to click fraud. An advertiser has to pay for that click.

Then there were those who attempted to capitalize on the fact that you have big thumbs. Some unscrupulous publishers purposefully placed their banners near other GUI controls on their games and websites, knowing users would accidentally click them. This was probably viewed as a bonanza for publishers, but it hurt the advertisers. What hurts the advertisers hurts our industry.
Then Mobicow was Invented and the Internet got Bigger Again

Contact Mobicow to learn how our full-screen ads will benefit you:

Publishers – Let us show you how mobile traffic should be monetized. Keep your website monetized no matter who visits. Don’t miss out on that 28% !

Advertisers - Make every Internet impression stick with a full-screen display of your message and eliminate click fraud. You’ll have much more control over who views your message, no matter how big their thumbs are.