Mobicow introduces MobiBounce, a new mobile ad trigger.

We have exciting news for you! We just launched MobiBounce, a new mobile ad trigger. Read this article to learn eveything you should know about Mobibounce and how to start using it today.      What is MobiBounce? MobiBounce is an all new ad trigger.   How does it work? As the name suggests, MobiBounce…

Mobicow merges with EvoLeads

We are very happy to announce that Mobicow is now part of Evoleads’ family!   This partnership is a first in the Affiliate Marketing industry. It gives us the resources to grow and handle our incoming business. Publishers, advertisers, and networks will now be able to have access to the best of the advertising industry, combining the endless…

How effective is Mobicow at driving application installs?

About Mobicow As mobile traffic grows each year, so does the opportunity to earn additional revenues for both websites and media buyers. Mobile devices have opened up an exciting new market for affiliate networks and media buyers alike, but reaching those users and getting their attention through banners is not feasible on such small screens….

User case study

Here are the results of a case study we did on Mobicow’s effectiveness in driving application downloads. 6141 high-quality user engagements generated per month at a low average Cost Per Download of $0.27, achieving a ROI of up to 950%.

New ad format – Mobile Interstitial

We’ve recently released a new ad format: mobile interstitial. Fullscreen interactive ads will show up in a modal window over your site, instead of opening a new tab. The user can then return to your site by clicking on the close button. Log in to your publishers account to generate the new delivery code and give it a…