Mobicow merges with EvoLeads

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We are very happy to announce that Mobicow is now part of Evoleads’ family!


This partnership is a first in the Affiliate Marketing industry. It gives us the resources to grow and handle our incoming business. Publishers, advertisers, and networks will now be able to have access to the best of the advertising industry, combining the endless possibilities of EvoLeads’ network, with Mobicow’s cutting-edge mobile technology.

Numerous entities have recently approached us for acquisition, as it becomes better known in the industry. Our co-founder William Gray explains: “We chose EvoLeads because they share our vision. Moreover, remaining in Montreal and improving its Internet marketing ecosystem is important to us.”

EvoLeads’ CEO, Saveli Kotz, says: “We are very proud to help local businesses. They are three talented individuals and we’re happy to give them the extra resources they need to move forward. Mobicow gives us an incredible opportunity to expand in the mobile space.”


For more details on the merger, you can read our official press release.


EvoLeads and Mobicow official merger's picture