Mobicow introduces MobiBounce, a new mobile ad trigger.

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We have exciting news for you!

We just launched MobiBounce, a new mobile ad trigger. Read this article to learn eveything you should know about Mobibounce and how to start using it today



What is MobiBounce?

MobiBounce is an all new ad trigger.


How does it work?

As the name suggests, MobiBounce is all about taking advantage of your bounce rate.

Whenever a user visits and then leaves your website within 15 seconds by either; clicking the back arrow, or just by closing the window or tab of your mobile website, the full-screen ad will be triggered.


Why should I use MobiBounce?

Use MobiBounce because you can now monetize each visitor, even the ones that did not intend to visit your website. Simply put, you profit from your lost audience.


How is MobiBounce different from the other ad triggers?

MobiBounce is different because it doesn’t disturb your qualified audience. It only targets your unintended users.


Can I use MobiBounce AND other ad triggers?

No. You can only use either MobiBounce or other triggers, but not both. When setting up your ad trigger for your website in Mobicow Adcenter, you can select:

  • Back, Movement, and Link,
  • a combination of the 3 aforementioned,
  • or just MobiBounce.


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.29.19 PM


How can I set-up MobiBounce?

You can easily set-up MobiBounce directly from your Mobicow account. Just follow these simple steps:


1. Login into your Mobicow account, or create one.


Mobicow Adcenter Admin Panel


2. Go to the Publisher panel, and add a site to your account.


Mobicow Adcenter Publisher Panel


3. Enter the Name of your website, as well as its Url and the category it belongs to. Once you’ve done that, click on “Add.”


Mobicow Adcenter add site publisher panel


4. Then, click on “Click here to generate your ad code.”


Generate your ad code in Mobicow Adcenter

4. At this step, you will be asked to choose how the ad triggers. To activate Mobibounce, choose the “Bounce” option. Then, select your bounce time and Frequency Cap per visitor.


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.29.19 PM


5. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, click “Generate Code.” Your ad code will appear and you’ll be able to copy it.

Mobicow Mobibounce ad code


6. Finally, save your changes.


Mobicow adcenter save changes mobibounce


When can I start using MobiBounce?

Now! It’s already available!