Integration methods

JavaScript-IconWith the use of our JavaScript ad code, you can easily integrate your website or web app with our system, so you can start to monetize your mobile traffic today. Our code is simple to add and will only monetize mobile devices.

xml-2If flexibility is what you are looking for, then Mobicow has the perfect solution for you. We offer XML feeds for fast and flexible integration. Our XML integration is great for everyone, from app developers to ad networks. You send us a few parameters and we’ll send you ads to deliver.

html-iconIf the use of direct links to redirect mobile traffic is what you’re looking for, then we’ve got you covered, and it’s ultra simple! Mobile app developers can display ads in-app, while a level loads or during downloads and updates. Even if your system cannot accept mobile devices, you can redirect through Mobicow and monetize your traffic.

Mobicow offers many ways to integrate with our platform, giving you even more flexibility without having to compromise