How effective is Mobicow at driving application installs?

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About Mobicow

As mobile traffic grows each year, so does the opportunity to earn additional revenues for both websites and media buyers. Mobile devices have opened up an exciting new market for affiliate networks and media buyers alike, but reaching those users and getting their attention through banners is not feasible on such small screens.

Launched in 2011, Mobicow is one of the first mobile cost-per-view (CPV) advertising networks. Advertisers simply enter their tracking URL into our system (no creatives) and we deliver the ad through an interstitial, new tab or App Store / Google Play redirect. Users will see the ad in fullscreen on their mobile device, and only that ad until they go back, resulting in more exposure and higher conversion rates.

Websites / Content producers: Inconsistent and unreliable revenues from cost-per-action (CPA) campaigns. Payouts from CPM, although reliable, are just too low and take up lots of space on mobile websites. Mobicow CPV ads are shown to users at any interval you choose and do not take up any space on your website until triggered.

Media buyers: You often have to prepay for traffic or pass credit checks just to get your foot in the door. Also, you are often limited to the same set of creatives as everyone else and are always looking for an edge. With Mobicow, you can buy traffic in any amount you want, and be sending users directly to your offers in fullscreen in just a matter of minutes. 

The Test


Many media buyers were skeptical about the effectiveness of using CPV on mobile to fill their CPA campaigns, so we decided to test how effective Mobicow’s traffic is at driving application installs. We wanted a clean slate, so had no choice other than to launch our own app. We created a very simple browser, which would compete in a saturated market with many small developers and a few really big players, like Google and Mozilla.

Aside from targeting Androids only, no other restrictions. We setup a Mobicow advertiser campaign, and set it to directly go to the Google Play store by changing the URL field in campaign setup to ‘market://’.

We loaded our campaign with $500 initially and begun targeting worldwide (We never setup conversion tracking, so thats why you see a 0 for conversions in our screen shots). After spending $320 in a bit less then 4 weeks, we were able to go from 0 to slightly over 10,000 installs according to the Google Play store. Of that 10000, 4,559 kept the application installed after using it once, so roughly $0.07 for each user that kept our application installed.

Aside from us forgetting to use our own conversion tracking, this test was a huge success. We were able show our application to nearly half a million people worldwide, and had slightly over 10,000 installs which a hair above 2% conversion rate. For less $320, its difficult to think of any other marketing that would have the same reach and results.

Installs per day
Installs per day