Advertiser FAQ

What is Mobicow
Mobicow is a mobile CPV network.
Do you require a minimum deposit
We have a $5 min deposit, That’s right… only $5, at that price, it’s worth a test.
What is CPV
Cost per visit is one of the most effective marketing practice used on the internet. CPV advertising is often preferred by advertisers because they can attain large volume of traffic for lower rates than CPC or CPA advertising.
Can I control where my ad will appear
You can target your ads to a particular country, OS, vendor and much more. Your ads will appear across the Mobicow Ad Network based on your target options.
What is a mobile Tab Ad
Mobile Tab Ads where developed and trademarked by Mobicow. These full page ads are proving to be the most effective way to engage your clients.
Do you host my creatives
No, Mobicow requires you to host your own landing pages.
What level of targeting can you provide
We have many targeting options. GEO (Country,City), Device Manufacture, Device Operating System, Providers, Mobile Device, Time of day
Can I change my bid amount once my ad is live
Yes. You can change your bid amount anytime.

Publisher FAQ

What is the minimum payment threshold
We pay publishers once they reach $5.

What are the requirements for becoming a new publisher
New publishers must view and accept our terms of service before approval
How much do publishers earn with Mobicow
We pay publishers on a revenue share model. Members get 60% of the net revenue generated from their ad locations, which typically would mean the amount after any applicable agency discount
Is there a limit to the number of sites I can publish
No, there is no limit to the number of sites you can submit
How long does it take to approve new sites
Publishers can expect their site to be approved within 24hrs.

When do I get paid
We pay publishers every 30 days. Premium publishers will be upgraded to weekly payments.

What is the minimum payout
We pay publishers once they reach $5.
Mobicow puts the power of mobile advertising right in your hands. With an exclusive platform that displays full-screen ads, Mobicow turns mobile traffic into new users and revenue. You’ll love what Mobicow can do for you.