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User case study

Here are the results of a case study we did on Mobicow’s effectiveness in driving application downloads. 6141 high-quality user engagements generated per month at a low average Cost Per Download of $0.27, achieving a ROI of up to 950%.

New ad format – Mobile Interstitial

We’ve recently released a new ad format: mobile interstitial. Fullscreen interactive ads will show up in a modal window over your site, instead of opening a new tab. The user can then return to your site by clicking on the close button. Log in to your publishers account to generate the new delivery code and give it a…

The Mobile Ad Network for Big Thumbs

Mobicow is different from other mobile ad networks in a major way – we serve full-screen mobile ads. Before Mobicow,  the only option was a standard banner ad. On a mobile device, banner ads are often so small, you’re lucky if consumers can even read them, much less click on them. Currently, 28% of all…